Tonight I went to a foster care support group meeting at my agency.  There were only two of us there.  I was really surprised.  Is foster care really that easy for everyone else that they don't need to talk to other foster parents? 

There is a great friendship developing between A and I.  She has been at all of the support group sessions I have been to.  Like me she is a single foster mom.  She just had "her" girls return home, but the older one is now staying with her for an indefinite length of time.  While our situations are very different in terms of the kiddos God entrusted us with I feel like we have a lot of the same things we are working through.

It was good to talk.  It was good to listen.  It was good to be teary-eyed together.

Praises for an agency who facilitates these meetings and for new friends.

Prayers for A and "her" girls.
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