Today I got a call from Younger Boy's school that he had done inappropriate website searches on a school computer while he was supposed to be doing research for a biographical paper he was writing.

Of course he denied doing the searches at school, but according to Assistant Principal it was pretty obvious it was him.  He had googled the person he was assigned to research, three inappropriate things, and then our home address.  You don't have to be a seasoned detective to figure out who did the three inappropriate searches.

He also told Assistant Principal that it is fine with me if he researches ANYTHING he wants at home.  Not true since the parental controls on all of our computers are set to 6 - 8 year old searches.

Assistant Principal talked to him and said that she needed him to write a letter of apology to Principal for not following the rules at school.  He is also supposed to include why this rule is important and how it helps to keep them safe.

Praises for schools staying involved.

Prayers Younger Boy will start to take accountability and make the right choices.
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