Younger Boy was still angry when it was time to get ready for bed.  He doesn't like having consequences for his actions.

He went in the bathroom to take a shower and started the water running.  He generally takes long showers.

Tonight he chose to smear hair gel and toothpaste all over the bathroom.  He also cut a tube of toothpaste.

When I went in to tuck him into bed and read him the Bible story I saw the mess in the bathroom.  He had to clean it up...without my help.  That made him even madder.

I asked why he was mad at me, because when you do things like that in my home you are taking out your anger on me.  I explained that all I did was hold him accountable for his behavior at school.  I asked who he should be mad at.  Who made the choices that got him in the situation he is in?

Prayers he learns to be appropriate when he is angry and he understands and can work through that anger.
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