The past few days have been hard...really hard.  The outpouring of love and prayers I have been surrounded with has been nothing short of miraculous.  There are LITERALLY hundreds of people praying for Middle Boy.

For those of you who don't know what is going on Middle Boy was charged and send to the juvenile justice center on Tuesday.  He was taken from school and booked at the detention center on Tuesday morning before I even received a call.  I was in shock.  I was scared.  I couldn't talk to him until last night during visiting hours.  He could have called me, but didn't know my number.  He's scared.

I have spent countless hours meeting with his care team...his therapist, guardian ad litem, and caseworker.  Although there is no denial he was involved there is no history and the expert opinion is that this is an isolated provoked incident.  They fought yesterday at his detention hearing for him to be released back to me.  I want to take him back...I will take him back.

I met with Middle Boy last night.  He told me he was surprised to see me.  He figured I would simply walk away and write him off.  That isn't me.  I love this boy unconditionally.  I love him as if I had given birth to him.  I am thankful God brought him into my life.  I am beginning to understand that our relationship is intended for me to show him unconditional love.  Both Middle Boy and Younger Boy.

Pray for Middle Boy.  This is going to be a lot for us to navigate.  We have a long way to go before he is back home and we can finish the adoption.

Pray for Younger Boy.  He doesn't want to be an only child.  He misses Middle Boy...very much.  He is sleeping with Middle Boy's blanket and teddy bear.  He has written him numerous letters.

If you are at all interested in writing Middle Boy a letter of encouragement or telling how much God loves him or even how much I love him email me.  I would be happy to pass along his contact information at the detention center.

Thanks for prayers.  Thanks for understanding.  Thanks for helping me wipe away tears and giving me things to do so I didn't just throw up.
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