About an hour after he had gone to bed Younger Boy knocked on my door.  He was in tears.  I asked him what was wrong.  Through his sobs and tears he said "Mom, I miss Middle Boy".

I didn't see that one coming.  He has cried at bedtime before, but it is generally over bad...really bad...dreams.

We went to his room and prayed.  Prayed for sadness to go away and for Middle Boy to be safe and come home soon.

Throughout the night I heard him almost yelling in his sleep.  Every time it jarred me awake.  It was never completely coherent and I went in a number of times to see if he was okay and he was always still asleep.

This morning he woke up exhausted.  He couldn't have been sleeping restfully.  His bed looked like there had been a wrestling match held there during the night.

Prayers for peaceful sleep and for all of the thoughts that are so obviously there to be healed and replaced.
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