Younger Boy is REALLY struggling with Middle Boy being gone.  In his case trauma (which this is to him) reverts him back to being like a three or four year old since that is when he was taken from his home.  He is crying and jumping up and down when he doesn’t get his way.  He is sucking his thumb.

Wednesday night we were talking about his fall retreat and he said “are you just trying to send me away too?”.  He immediately followed it up with “I’m just kiding."  He’s not.  If it comes out of his mouth it is in his mind.  Tonight he packed himself, but then told me he didn’t want me to stay home alone.  He was worried I would be too sad.  I told him I would be just fine and that he should go and have a lot of fun and learn so that he could tell Middle Boy when he came home.

He is sleeping in Middle Boy’s bed, wrapped in Middle Boy’s baby blanket, with Middle Boy’s stuffed animal.  He cried last night, because he just wants Middle Boy to come back home.  So do I.  I am going to ask Middle Boy to call us Sunday night after Younger Boy gets home so he can talk to him, but it isn’t going to happen before that.

Prayers Younger Boy has peace about life right now and that he trusts he is not leaving.
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