Middle Boy and I had a GREAT visit today. 

Honestly it started off a little rough.  I had some questions for him and it was TENSE.  We agreed that we didn't want our visits and calls to be awkward or tense and they will NEVER end that way.  Today we decided that we will talk about the tough stuff for 20 minutes of our hour long visits and the rest will be spent just working on our relationship.

We talked about what we are learning about each other.  He said he has learned that I am not leaving and that before he heard me saying it, but was still having trouble trusting it.  Now he trusts it.  That for Middle Boy is HUGE.

The rest of the time we just talked about what is going on.  He talked about his "friends" there and why they are all at the center.  He is in the toughest unit there.  It isn't good.  I couple of times I called him on the fact that he was using ridiculous slang.  I told him that I knew it is easy to start talking the way all of the people around you are talking, but that he has to not do it.

I love this boy.  I don't know what else to say.

Praises for protection and relationship.

Prayers for continued protection and conversation.
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