Middle Boy asked me tonight point blank if I am sad about him being gone.  Yes I am sad.  More than I let on.  More than I let him see.  More than I let anyone see other than God. 

He said he reads my letters and it makes him sad, because he misses me.  RAD kids don't miss people.  They don't even get the concept.  I asked him what he meant by that, because in theory he shouldn't have the capability to miss me.  He said it is like his heart is hurting and he doesn't know why.

When Middle Boy moved in with me I was told he might not be able to identify feelings....not completely true.  He seems to recognize them.  Granted he does NOT show them on his face...not at all.  He recognizes it to be a problem.  God is working in him.

I miss Middle Boy more than I can describe.  Younger Boy misses Middle Boy.  He still cries every night.

Prayers for Middle Boy and that he would get to come our home...soon.
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