As soon as Younger Boy got in the car tonight he started crying.  I wasn't sure what was going on.  I tried talking to him and all he would say is "I just really want Middle Boy to come home."  I do, too, buddy.  I do, too.

We talked about how we don't have much control over when Middle Boy comes home and we can be sad that we miss him, but we can't let it ruin our days.  We can pray for him every night and we can talk to him on the phone every day.  He will be home soon.

It seemed to help Younger Boy a little.  He did tell me that he wants to write him a letter today though, because it will help him miss him less.

These boys are meant to be brothers.  That makes my heart smile.  We are kind of a hodge podge family, but that's okay.  We are a forever family!

Prayers for peace for Younger Boy.
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