Today was my regular visit with Middle Boy.  It was nice.  It was normal.

He really wants to come home.  I really want him to come home.  I'm not sure what the likelihood of that being a reality is.  There are so many variables.

Today I found out that the Juvenile Public Defender's office isn't handling his case due to a conflict of interest.  I am not even sure what that could possibly mean.  Obviously I know what a conflict of interest is, but I am curious exactly what that conflict might be.

Wednesday visits are nice.  There aren't a lot of other people in the room so it isn't crowded and loud.  We can chat.  Today we played spades, because he has been claiming to be the best player EVER.  I kept telling him I was going to school him in it, but he didn't believe me.  When I left there after our hour long visit the score was Me FOUR Middle Boy TWO.  He claims that he was simply letting me win since I didn't previously know how to play two man spades.  Whatever!!

Praises for good visits.

Prayers for understanding what is going on with his attorney situation.  Everyone I have talked to doesn't really know what happens if the public defenders office has conflict of interest.
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