Today I feel like I got kicked in the stomach.  I found out that Middle Boy's arraignment hearing is going to be in late December.  That stinks.  No doubt about it.

I feel like I am literally going to lose it.  I want Middle Boy to come home.  I should have protected him better.

CASA, Therapist A, and GAL and are I trying really hard to figure out a way to get him arraigned early.  To find who our is attorney is and whether or not we should pursue one on our own.  We need someone who will fight for him.  We need him to move out of DCYC.

The only positive thing to this delay that it gives me a chance to prove that I will not leave.

By the time the end of December rolls around Middle Boy would have been there longer than he would have been in my home.  This is not what I want. 

Middle Boy is remorseful.  He hates what happened and how he doesn't really know the details.

Please keep praying.
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