Today Service Coordinator was stopped after her visit to the juvenile center and told that Middle Boy has more support than any person she has EVER seen at the center.

They keep track of the number of letters he receives and to date he has received 390 average of 13 per day.  The person who reviews the letters before they go to the kids has WAY MORE work than she has had in the past.

The center therapist also remarked that he is by far the most mild mannered polite kid she has ever seen there and he is always very open and straightforward with her.

I am overwhelmed by the number of people reaching out to Middle Boy.  He is starting to truly understand what it means to have support and love.  It totally fills my heart and I can't wait to see who has been writing to him.

Praises for AMAZING support of people we don't even know.  Wow God!!
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