Middle Boy calls his Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) "Gloom and Doom".  She knows this.  She acknowledges that there has never once been a time when she went to him to tell him anything positive.

I talked with her for a while this morning.  She isn't "Gloom and Doom" she's real.  She is fighting for Middle Boy, but she isn't optimistic that we will be able to get a detention review prior to the arraignment.  She is going to be meeting with his public defender on the case, because she can't file any motions for him now.  She is concerned about one of the charges against Middle Boy and how the public defender might view it.

I am no longer a legal party to the case, but she is going to do her best to keep me in the loop from her end.  Technically "pre-adoptive" parent has no status since he is not currently living in my home.  For that same reason I am not currently his foster parent.  The other thing I learned is that the adoption will be postponed, because he needs to live in my home six consecutive months in order for the adoption orders to be filed.

Pray GAL has some pull with the public defender.
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