Middle Boy is calling quite often now. 

He tells me the minimum number of calls is going to be two on the days of visits and three on the days of no visits.  He is calling more now, but I didn't say anything.

We have kind of gotten into a routine.  He calls in the mornings between classes and when I am leaving work.  He also calls sometime in the evening to tell me good night and to have me read the Bible story to him out of our one year Bible.  That's our routine at home.

Tonight we were talking about him not showing emotion, but feeling it.  How he can be stone-faced.  He asked if I have noticed.  Of course.  I grew up in a house where everyone was like that....everyone.  He said it is a problem and he wants to work on it.  We will work on it...both of us.

He told me he can't call tomorrow morning, because he has a flag football game right before lunch and if he calls me he will be "too emotional" to play and he needs to have his game face on.  I love this boy.  I would have never in a million years expected him to say something like that....NEVER.

Prayers for Middle Boy.  Prayers for his safety and well-being.  Prayers he continues to have hope.
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