This weekend if you were under the age of eighteen and were at Grandma and Grandpa's you learned two to play poker and how to polka.

Cousin N is a dealer at a casino.  He used to be a pit boss.  He taught all of the kids how to play Texas Hold 'Em.  Older Nephew J was pretty good, because he already knew how to play.  Middle Nephew J kept yelling "Is this a good hand?".  Younger Boy did fairly well.  Niece L was by far the best.  She quietly observed and learned to play and then pretended she didn't know what she was doing.  Cousin N said she was by far the best, because she was being innocent, but really thinking about what she was doing.

Great Grandma likes to watch the polka show on PBS.  Brother-in-Law T likes to polka.  All of the kids learned to polka.  Older Nephew J was very awkward.  Kind of like a board dancing.  Middle Nephew J wasn't bad.  Younger Boy and Niece L have a lot of rhythm and were both very good.  We tried to get them to polka together, but they wanted NO PART of that.  They both just danced with adults.

Praises for family and family get togethers.  We laughed a lot.  We needed it.
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