Today was the best day Middle Boy and I have had since he has been gone.  I visited him this afternoon and he called me four times after that.

I was feeling like it was a good day for us conversation-wise.  We talked about a lot of things today and it just felt like everything was clicking.  Middle Boy must have felt that way too, because tonight he said, "I think this was our best day ever."  I agree.

Something else I have been thinking about...I met this AMAZING lady when I go to visit Middle Boy.  Her grandson has been there since August and is likely going home in January.  Not really sure why he is never has occurred to me to ask.  She and I talk before every visit and then before we go in we pray together.  I appreciate this woman so much.  She has made the visits a lot less scary.  We talk a lot about hope and prayer and how good God is.  I think she is amazing.  We have started hanging out with them during visits for part of the time.  I think the boys enjoy it as well.

Praises for relationships...of all kinds...that you can find in all places.
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