Tonight I found myself in one of the more absurd discussions I have been in for a while.

Middle Boy made a bet with his friend that he couldn't eat 10 jalepenos at lunch.  Why?  Because they are 14.  The terms of the bet were completely ridiculous.  The loser had to go to school tomorrow with what appeared to be an injury that drew attention to you.

Well, Middle Boy lost the bet and was adamant he would "pay up".

His first idea was to have Younger Boy punch him in the face so it would be bruised.  Vetoed by me.

The next idea was to either draw or cut gashes on his face and cover them with a HUGE bandage.  Again...vetoed by me.

The next idea was to simply place a large bandage covering the entire side of his face...not my first choice, but not nearly as ridiculous as the first two.

The next idea was to use an ace bandage to wrap the wrist of his writing hand.  Vetoed by me.

This was followed by wanting to wrap the wrist of his non-writing hand.  Again...not my choice, but not completely adsurd...if you are actually going to do something.

We then had a long discussion about how whatever he did was going to be disruptive to his learning environment.  We also talked about how the staff at school could call child protective services and report his injuries and I would be investigated.

He ended up deciding to do nothing.  A good choice in my opinion.  The skeptic in me says that there is probably going to be something stowed in his backpack that can easily be applied after I drop him off in the morning, but I am choosing to trust him.
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