This afternoon we worked on crafts for camp.

I think the crafts will be good, but we didn't seem to get a lot of them finished.

At camp they will be making rockets we can shoot with an air compressor, tie dye shirts, foil and shoe polish art, button initials, painted stones, rings, and necklaces.  The girls are also making bandanna purses.

It might be a little bit ambitious.  The tie dye shirts are time consuming and messy.  I have five samples in my house right now.  They turned out good.

Working on it made me wonder if I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready for camp.  At this time the answer would be a resounding NO.  I know that in the end God will give me what I need to get through camp, but right now it really seems overwhelming.

Usually I like to do crafts, but this wasn't fun.  It was drudgery.

I need to pray about this.  What is it God wants me to do?
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