It was time to get ready to go to the courthouse for Younger Boy's adoption.  Grandma was going to iron his shirt.  That would have been a great plan had we been able to find the iron. 

Grandpa, Grandma, and I all knew the ironing board was in the garage.  Grandpa and I both remembered seeing the iron recently, but neither of us could recall where.  (The joys of moving!)

So...we used the steam fresh cycle on the turned out great.

Grandpa taught Younger Boy how to tie a tie.  The outfit we had purchased had a clip on, but it was pretty narrow and he wanted to wear a tie clip.  So...we found another tie which actually matched his outfit better, they tied it and put on the clip.

I hadn't thought through what I was going to wear, but this day isn't about me I wore clothes.

You can visibly see Younger Boy's excitement growing!
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