Yesterday I decided it would be fine if Middle Boy had a friend or two spend the night tonight.

Last week Younger Boy's friends had asked for him to spend the night, but with all of the family around it wasn't convenient.

So tonight as we were driving to therapy he called to see if his two friends could spend the night tonight as well.  That is actually fine with me.  I would MUCH RATHER have all of the chaos of extra kids on a single night than spread out over an entire weekend or multiple weekends.

Middle Boy FREAKED OUT.  He doesn't want all of those "kids" around.  It's too much.

He was relaying the information back and forth between Younger Boy and I.  He told Younger Boy I thought it would be better to do it another night or another weekend.

Nope...not what I said.  I explained to him that he doesn't get to decide.  He can give me his reasoning, but I make the final decisions...not him.  I am the parent.

I went on to explain how he had taken something away from Younger Boy that he was getting is that fair?  What if the situation were reversed?  Did he stop to think maybe I don't really want ANY OF THEM at our house, but am willing to let them since that is what kids do?

Another teachable moment on putting others first.  Prayers for empathy and less self.
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