This morning Middle Boy had to be at school early.  Since I drop him off we had to leave before Younger Boy's bus got there.  We left about 10 minutes before.  Younger Boy was up and ready.

I just got a call from Younger Boy...90 minutes later...telling me he missed the bus.

I asked why.  He told me a kooky story about how he saw the bus, told him to wait, because he had to go in and get his house key and then the next thing he knew the bus was gone.  I told him I was going to call and report the bus driver if the story was true and then I asked why he waited 90 minutes to call and tell me.  His response "I was scared you would be mad."

I asked if he wanted to try again with accurate words.  He said no.  These words were accurate.  I told him by the time I could get there and take him he could walk so to get started.  (It is less than a mile.)

He called back five minutes later.  He said his words weren't accurate.  He had decided to go to his room and play with legos and didn't hear the bus.  Ninety minutes later he realized that he had missed it and that is when he called me.

AARGH.  I can't be in two places at once and I can't trust him to get himself on the bus with only 10 minutes to wait.  When Middle Boy has to go early I am just going to take him early as well.  It is really the only solution.

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