Last night as we were talking Younger Boy told me that he has an overwhelming feeling that there is a story about his grandfather getting kicked in the chest by a horse and dying.

He repeated the same sentence multiple times.

I asked what he is talking about.  He said he is pretty sure that one of his grandpas died from a horse.  Then there was a part of the story where this same grandpa gave he and Older Boy a horse when they were still living in their biological home.

I stopped him and asked if he thought maybe some memories were getting mixed up and pieced together in a weird way.  He thought maybe that could be true.

We talked about what I know about each of his biological grandfathers.  One of them lives here in town.  That is where the boys lived when they were first removed from the home.  They were removed from that home for neglect.  I don't think there were horses there.

There were horses at a foster home right before me and then one of the homes three before that.  I only know this because I know both of those families.  Horses would have been present, but someone dying from getting kicked...who knows?

His other grandfather lives in Georgia with his biological parents.  I have the impression there aren't horses there either.

So...I am trying to help him make sense of this.  Putting the pieces together to form a whole story so that healing can occur.

Praying I can help him.
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