Middle Boy is having a tough time in the mornings right now...well, actually a tough time all of the time, but mornings it seems amplified.

This morning he was angry because he wanted to be at school at 7AM.  He was on track to get there about 7:02AM, but that didn't wasn't 7AM.

So...let the verbal abuse begin.  I am childish for not caring about his schedule.  By saying it is only two minutes difference I am just being a jerk and not listening.  The next time I want to do something I can just wait for him.

After the barrage of names I dropped him off at school and he slammed the car door.

He wasn't done though.  He went ahead and texted me and told me I am unfair and ridiculous.

I didn't respond.  After school he continued again.  Telling me this isn't over...I can just watch.

For me it is over.  Honestly it doesn't matter.
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