Middle Boy hates Spanish.  He is making it quite clear to EVERYONE who knows him.

Here is the thing.  I don't think it is Spanish.  Middle Boy doesn't like feeling confused and overwhelmed.  He shuts down when he doesn't understand.  It is part of RAD.

The unlucky thing is that he has to have TWO YEARS of foreign language to graduate from high school.  That means PASSING two full years. 

He insists that Spanish is the problem.  I suspect EVERY foreign language will be the same thing.

The frustrating thing...I took Spanish.  I could help him, but it is such a trigger for him that instead of asking for help he pretends it doesn't exist.  So now he is nearly a semester behind. 

I offered every night for the past two weeks to help him study.  To try to help him understand. doing.  I can't possibly know how one would study Spanish...that is just ridiculous.

If anyone has ANY IDEAS...I'm open to them.  Selfishly I don't want him taking something else, because then I can't help him very easily.  He thinks Chinese would be easier because "you can draw".


Pray for wisdom and motivation...for both of us.
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