The boys got up at 5:45AM  today.  Not a big deal, but I wish one of two things would happen when they do this...

They would tell me that they are doing it so I, too, can get up earlier and get to work earlier


Do something with the extra time besides sitting with their backpacks on in the living room.

This morning they sat, backpacks on, for over half an hour.  They didn't tell me they were getting up early so I didn't.  I heard them, but they disrupt my sleep so often I have started to ignore it otherwise I would be completely exhausted all of the time.

I got downstairs.  No one had fed Sophie.  Their breakfast dishes were on the table and so were their meds.

They were EXASPERATED that we had to do those things before we left.  Clearly I am irrational.

Prayers for smooth mornings and good communication.
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