First let me start by saying I have NEVER been Black Friday shopping before and there is NO WAY we would have gone had we been at home, but since we were in a small town and there isn't as much competition we decided to go on Thursday night.

The store we went to had three different sales...8PM, 10PM, and 5AM.  We wanted things that were being sold at 8PM and 10PM.  Aunt A and Grandma went with us.

When we got there we got a ticket for one of the items we needed four of.  There were five of us meaning only one of us could be gone at any given time from the line.  We got in line around 7:15PM for a 10:00PM item.  The line was in frozen foods.  It was cold by the time we got out of there.

Honestly the boys ended up with more patience than I had.  When we went to check out we got in line behind someone buying FORTY movies.  She asked him if he wanted the protection plan on EVERY SINGLE ONE.  (He didn't.)

We got out of there before 11PM and I am done with Black Friday...before Friday even starts.
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