The theme of Saturday night at the retreat was "You Must Decide". 

The premise of the sermon was that you need to make a decision whether or not you are going to follow Jesus and do those things He asks of you or if you aren't.

Generally Saturday night at fall retreat is filled with emotion.  In fact the girls almost look forward to the tears.

Tonight we left the sermon in a "moment of silence".  All of the kids walked back to their small group areas and waited for their leaders to break the silence.  K and I tried to break the silence multiple times, but the girls just sat there tears rolling down their faces.

All of the girls in our group are from churched families.  They all believe in Jesus and are working on relationships with him.  Tonight the majority of the tears were as a result of doubt each of them was feeling.

Here's the thing about doubting your faith.  If you use it to figure more things out you are going to grow so much in your relationship.  You could also throw up your hands and throw it all away.  None of the girls are at that point, but they are all ready to go deeper.

We had the best small group discussion of the year tonight.

Praises for feeling comfortable enough to be transparent.  I love these girls.
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