Younger Boy had an appointment today with Dr. S. 

He was a totally chatterbox.  Very young child like chatterbox.  I have been noticing this a lot lately.  Lots of chatter...really detail filled chatter.

Dr. S commented on it.  She said " must be feeling a lot better, because you are sure chatty today."

He did some other "toddler like" things while we were there.  He sat on the floor and played with some toys in her office and colored in a coloring book.

She wants to adjust meds, but not until after the holidays.  She thinks with the permanency we can wean off of a couple of them.  That would be awesome.  She also said the number one rule in child psychiatry is to NEVER modify meds during a time of high stress and that the holidays count.

I like Dr. S.  She is kind of no nonsense here's how it is.  That is what I want.

Praises for a good psychiatrist.
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