Today I am about to lose it I am SO FRUSTRATED.

Here is the situation...

Younger Boy needs his medication refilled.  The medication is a controlled substance so it has to have a handwritten prescription EVERY MONTH.  His doctor writes them ahead so I only have to go every other month to pick them up.  For that I am thankful.

His prescriptions have his "old" last name.  His medicaid with that name has been cancelled.

We have his new medicaid number, but the pharmacy can't charge the old name to the new number.

The doctor can't write a prescription for the new name, because we don't have a copy of the adoption decree to change the name in his file and she can't write a prescription for someone she doesn't have a file on.

The only option was to pay retail for his medication.  So...TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS later, we now have his monthly ADHD med.

We still have no adoption decree from the state.  I made about 10 calls yesterday to figure out why and no one seems to know.  People will "follow up on it", but no one really seemed to be "the one" we were supposed to receive it from.

I spent ALL AFTERNOON managing this.  It makes me so irritated.

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