This morning I talked to Therapist C about the waiting until the last minute to urinate and sometimes waiting so long that he wets his pants.  She told me it is not uncommon for kids from hard places to have a disconnect between their bodies and their brains.  What was a defense mechanism in the past because of abuse and discomfort sometimes bleeds over to the discomfort of really having to urinate so they "shut off" the feeling.  She suggested using a "toddler type" let's go potty routine, but in a more adult way.

She also addressed it with him.  That is what I love.

She started by asking him if he has noticed that he does it.  She said I had noticed and that I was worried.  She asked him to stop RIGHT THEN and tell her if he felt like he had to use the restroom.  She stopped him multiple times during the session to ask the same.  At one point he said "now I feel like I have to go a little bit".  She told him that if he does then the next time he has a break (like between his two sessions) he should go to the restroom.  She made it therapy homework.  To stop himself and actually think "do I have to use the restroom?"

Praying this will go well.  I don't expect a miracle, but for his life it would be so much better to not have to worry about the extra clothes all of the time.

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