So...I originally planned to get caught up on the blog over the weekend.  It was not to be.

Here is what I can remember of the last week:

Tuesday - Younger Boy had therapy.  It was a really tough session....really tough.  We talked a lot about Bio Dad and it resulted in him in the fetal position sucking on his thumb for most of the session while talking about "the beatings".  Not a good morning for either of us.

Wednesday - The first day of illness at our house.  Started with Middle Boy.  Stomach flu.  I stayed home with him, because I was really dizzy and felt dehydrated.  When you have been in the ER to get IV fluids before you start to know what that feels like.

Thursday - Middle Boy well.  Younger Boy stayed up the entire night before watching movies on the Netflix app on his iPod.  I was furious.  He lost privileges to go to the concert tonight.  Babysitter JP stayed with him on last minute notice.  Middle Boy and I went to the Unashamed Tour.  Not my kind of music, but I liked it and with the exception of feeling dizzy toward the was good.  It was nice to see him doing something he really loves.

Friday - Everyone at school and work.  This evening we went to Youngest Sister's for Niece C's 1st birthday party.  The entire extended family was there...including Great Grandma.  We had dinner and cake and all of the kids played. 

Saturday - Back to Youngest Sister's.  Nephew W not feeling well.  Spent the day as a family hanging out, playing games, and watching football.  Twenty minutes after getting home I was unable to hold down food.

Sunday - I am really sick.  High fever.  No holding down food.  Find out Middle Sister, Great Grandma, Niece I, Grandpa, and Nephew JJ are also sick and unable to hold down food.  Not food poisoning, because we didn't eat any of the same things. 

Monday - Middle Boy throwing up...EVERYWHERE.  Younger Boy throwing up...far less than Middle Boy.  Still don't feel great, but went to work.

Miscellaneous Things that happened this week.  I couldn't have a hearing about the foster care license without them starting the revocation process.  This means that if I lose I will not ever be able to hold a foster care license again.  Sometimes you have to lose for what you believe in.

Camp - Big prayers needed here.  Am VERY ANGRY about something that happened with the Teen Camp and it is making me reconsider my entire desire to volunteer anymore. 

Boarder - Our boarder moved stuff in on Sunday afternoon.  He won't be back until next Sunday.  The boys are super excited about it and he is kind of a nice addition to the "family".  Praying he is able to find something more permanent, but this will work for now.

There you have it.  Pray for healing and health.  Pray for wisdom and discernment.  Pray for safe travels.
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