I am so angry right now that I could just SCREAM.

You already know about Younger Boy missing the bus to play with legos.

Now he just arrived home and wants to know what he needs to do for his "three religion essay".  That was due TWO MONTHS AGO.  He is supposed to be doing three current events of Africa.  I asked him to look at his assignment notebook and tell me what is says he is supposed to do.  He doesn't know.  Can't find the notebook.  If I don't just tell him he will just have to fail.  There you go...helplessness coping strategy.

In the meantime I got the following email from Middle Boy's Spanish teacher.

I tried talking with Middle Boy today and see if I could help him somehow to get through his work today.  He kept walking around and didn't get his worksheets done.  He said to me that he already told people he will be failing this class.  Is there anything that you think I can do to help him?

No...unfortunately I can't think of anything.

While I was trying to respond to that I got a call from the Dean of Students at the high school to talk about Middle Boy's behavior after school on school grounds.  He was involved in physical horseplay which is against policy.  They have a "hands off" policy for all students and teachers.  This is the third time this has happened.  The first two were warnings and this time there is a detention.

He called me to tell me that the Dean of Students is stupid and that the rule only applies to in the building.  I explained that to resolve it we would need to meet with the Dean of Students.  Apparently if he has to do that he is going to "cuss him out, because he deserves it anyway". deserve the detention for not following the rules.  This is the consequence.  All he did was give you the consequence.  You made the choice.  Of course I don't know anything...not a single thing.  The rule is stupid and he isn't going to follow it.  No one can make him.

Today I have had it and I am not even home from work yet.  Maybe if I just stay here all night.  Maybe that will make all of this yuck go away.  A girl can dream right?
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