The story always changes regarding therapy homework.  Every time there is therapy the story is different.

Middle Boy is at a point in this step of therapy where there are just a few things to get wrapped up before he can have the packets for the next step.  One of those things is to cut photos of emotions out of a magazine.  Two weeks ago I bought him a magazine for the express purpose of this assignment.  Tonight he tells me that he found the pictures, but hasn't had a chance to cut them out yet.

Then he said that he would be done with this step of therapy a week from Saturday.  He has to do four presentations and those get done on Saturdays.  So I repeated "you will be done with this step a week from Saturday, that's great".  No, he won't be done then.  Because what he meant was it is possible to be done then, but he can't guarantee it.

Then there were things that weren't done that he now remembered he still needed to do.  Then it was going to be something like the last week of January.

I am being lied to by omission.  I have talked to his therapist so many times about this that she probably thinks I am crazy.

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