We had a four hour drive to Grandpa and Grandma's.  A lot of car time.

For the most part the boys just played video games or listened to music.

At one point though we were discussing Thanksgiving and all of the things we had to be thankful for.  I asked each boy to give me a list of the ten things they were most thankful for the in the past year.

Younger Boy's were all really in the last day or two...with the exception of the adoption.  Otherwise it was things like thankful for being safe driving to therapy and thank you for hanging out with Nephew JJ last weekend.

Middle Boy's were way deeper.  His first was the adoption.  His second that he lives in a home where it is always safe.  One of his others was something about having everything he needs and most of what he wants.

I also gave my list.  I am thankful Grandpa is doing better and that he is here with us to celebrate the holidays and about a million other things!!
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