This afternoon I talked with Middle Boy's Spanish teacher.  She is sending me all of the notes from the ENTIRE YEAR so I can help Middle Boy get caught up.

When I was talking to him about it he said "that's fine, but I don't care".  I then told him I am not going to spend time every day helping him catch up if he doesn't care.

He quickly back pedaled and accused me of not listening.  His new claim was that he didn't say he didn't care he said he wouldn't remember.

I told him this has NOTHING to do with not remembering and EVERYTHING to do with not caring and that his first statement was accurate. 

He kept trying to turn the conversation into me not listening to what he had to say versus him not caring about school.

If I had money for every time he said he is going to start caring today I would rival last night's lottery winners.

Allegedly this is the day he is in fact going to start caring.  I wish I didn't think those were just words, but I do.

I am going to be brushing up on my Spanish.  At least now I will be able to go on a mission trip even if no one else in my house cares about Spanish!
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