Here we go...

I have my approach regarding the foster care licensing.  I have learned a lot today.

My boss is going to allow me to use company time and money to fight this.  He is involved in child welfare in our state from an executive level.

Today he connected me with a lobbyist and an executive director.  The four of us plotted our strategy regarding fighting this.

It starts at the top...with the Director of Health and Human Services.  I now have his personal and work cell phone numbers.  There is a timeframe.  There is a secondary step which involves meeting with Inspector General for the state.  It also involves meeting with the director of Child Welfare.

It also involves meeting with the head of the Childrens Commission for the state. 

I am passionate about this.  Maybe it won't change things for me.  Maybe it will.  Maybe it will make the system in our state better.  Maybe it won't.

I will NOT any longer bury my head in the sand and pretend that foster care in our state is a pretty picture.  There is a reason we are in the bottom five in the nation.

God knows where this is supposed to go.  These are the doors I have been praying would be opened for me to be able to speak earnestly about all of this.

Pray for wisdom and guidance.  Pray for the welfare of children...above all else.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    This is awesome Denise! I have been praying for you and that God's path for you is opened and you are given the support needed so that you may advocate for the children. You are an amazing women and we need a lot more people like you!

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