Tonight when I got home from work and went to my room to change I noticed that my bed had been moved away from the wall and was sitting at an angle.

It hadn't been like that this morning and the contractor was not there today, because I didn't get a call to let them in.

So...I asked the boys who moved my bed.  Neither of them. 

So...I have to surmise that it was Sophie (highly unlikely since she is a six pound dog) or someone broke into our home and did NOTHING except move my bed.  They didn't steal anything.  They didn't rummage through anything....Just moved my bed about a foot and at an angle.

Both boys wondered why they would move the bed.  Good question, but THREE PEOPLE live in our home.  I didn't move the bed.  I tried to move the bed.  It is too heavy...I can't do it alone.  That makes me believe it was BOTH BOYS, but no one did it.

So...I don't know what they were looking for and I don't know which one did it and they can't understand why I am irritated with them.

This is why I have trouble trusting them.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    In our home it is always Casper the ghost. Neither boy believes in Ghost, but they blame him often!

    As I am reading your blog I totally get it, understand it and feel your frustration. This time of the year seems to be the worst take normal behaviors with the addition of holiday stress everything seems out of control.

    Praying for you my friend!

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