This morning's session was titled "Two Eternal Homes".  It was a pretty intense session describing both heaven and detail through biblical reference.

Afterward we had small group and were talking about the two possible eternal homes.  It is so hard to wrap our brains around eternity.  There were so many questions.  We discussed what our mental pictures of heaven and hell were previously and what they were now. 

At one point they were on the topic of whether or not there will be burnt food in heaven.  They are high school girls after all.

I was pretty proud of them for their questions (minus the burnt food discussion).  They are really considering their faith and what it means and where they stand in their relationships with God.

So far it has been refreshing.

The afternoon is filled with team games and a team photo competition.  Also some free time. 

I'm looking forward to the evening session and our small group.

Prayers for a safe and fun afternoon for all of the kids here.

Praises for the questions asked.
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