Yesterday when I got the email from his spanish teacher Middle Boy told me his spanish assignment was finished.

Again tonight I told him to show me the assignment.  Tonight his claim is that it is a group project and his friend, PJ, has it with him.  He asked if I wanted to see the outline, because he kept that.

I told him I was going to email the teacher, because her first email didn't lead me to believe it was a group project.

He went up to his room to do other homework.

About two hours later he came down and said "I lied.  The spanish homework isn't done and I don't even know what the assignment is.  I should have asked the teacher, but I didn't.  Can you tell me what it is?"

I am proud of him for confessing the lies.  It is a big step for him.

It took him another two hours to actually get started on the assignment, but he did finish it...sort of.

Praises for growth.  Prayers for continued wisdom on my part and for truthfulness on his.
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