Sophie had a playdate this afternoon with Aunt A's dog, Meiko and Aunt D's dog, Scuds.  Aunt D is in Texas so Aunt A is watching her dog.

Scuds might be the UGLIEST dog I have ever seen.  We were trying to figure out how old he is and couldn't.  He has warts all over his body and a HUGE one above his right eye.  He breathes with a certain wheezing noise.  He takes a heart medication and a diruetic. 

Meiko is playful and about four times bigger than Sophie.  In the past this hasn't bothered her, but today she was terrified.  She literally lay down and played dead.  Every time Meiko would even glance her way she would play dead.

Aunt A put Meiko on a leash and then Sophie became really tough.  She stayed just outside the radius of the leash and barked and pounced...never getting close enough for Meiko to touch her.

I don't know if I think this was successful or not.  It was interesting though.
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