Younger Boy is working on his paper which is due next week.  Notice I did NOT say current events.  Those are gone from his mind again.

He typed his entire paper yesterday at school and printed it.

When he got home to do the header, footer, and bibliography only the first paragraph was there.

This was CATASTROPHIC.  He screamed and cried.  Finally I got his attention and told him to get the printed one out of his backpack and just retype it.  It would have NEVER occurred to him.

It took 90 minutes for him to get it typed.  It about one page and he was copying it from the last one. 

This is what happens when you have to roll around on the floor after nearly every sentence.  When you fall out of your chair multiple times.  When you need a drink.  When you need a snack.

I fought the urge to type it for him, but I REALLY wanted to.  I just wanted it to be DONE.
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