Today I had a conversation with my attorney regarding the foster care license.

She has made COUNTLESS calls to COUNTLESS people.  She even had a lady tell her "Yes, I know that it is stupid, but that is the way we do it."  Really?  That is a defeatist attitude.

I am sending a letter today requesting an appeal hearing.  She advised me to make the letter as short and to the point as possible. 

I am calling the Director of Child Services today as well.  I am going to save the Inspector General for tomorrow.  There is only so much frustration I can handle in a single day.

Attorney gave me the wording for the letter.  She told me who to copy to get the attention of the department.

She told me that the more she gets into this the more angry it makes her.  She asked if we could be a team on this one from here on out.  ABSOLUTELY.  For the good of the KIDDOS.

Pray for widsom and discernment.
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