Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences for Middle Boy.  I am not looking forward to it at all.

Before school started this fall we agreed that he is capable of getting at least a C in every class.  In an attempt to be reasonable I agreed if he was doing everything possible (going in early, staying late, asking for help at home) in a class and getting a D that would even be acceptable.

The consequence for getting less was to lose his cell phone and his iPod, because they are distractions, until mid-term grades came out for the next quarter and they were improved.

This morning I reminded him of the consequence and the agreement we had made before school started in the fall.  He remembered it.  He is also really agitated, because he knows that he will be losing his electronics.

He was attempting to bargain and negotiate this morning, but I reminded him again of our agreement.

I am going to have to start taking an EVEN BIGGER role in his school work.  To date I have been contacting teachers nearly every day and getting the missing work.

This morning I contacted all of them again and asked to pick it up at conferences so Middle Boy can spend his day off getting caught up.

Prayers for my frustration level to be low and for me to remain calm after the conferences.
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