Middle Boy seems to have a new level of maturity about him.  He doesn't get mad at feedback these days.  He is willing to have a conversation without verbally abusing me or accusing me of making accusations or interrupting him.

We talked openly in the car about his therapy and how it is hard for him because he doesn't like to think about it.  He is ashamed of his behavior and would rather not think about it or talk about it anymore.

It was during this car ride that he told me he has been thinking a lot about protecting his heart since our discussion with the pastors yesterday.  He said he has decided that he is going to let me in.  He knows it isn't going to be easy and it might take a long time.  He said when we were talking yesterday it clicked that I am going to be his mom forever and there are some things I should know.

I am so thankful for this newfound maturity...even if it doesn't last long!
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