Therapist C told me this morning they had a meeting about Younger Boy.  They are really struggling to tell if he is really as forgetful as he presents or if he is so adept at manipulation and avoidance that we are unable to tell.

She told me she had one more thought about what was possibly going on with school and she was going to try it today.

She asked him to list all of the "parts" of himself that exist in his brain.   Here is what we came up with collectively:

Football Younger Boy
Baseball Younger Boy
Faithful Younger Boy
Kind Younger Boy
Polite Younger Boy
Smart Younger Boy
Scared Younger Boy
Confused Younger Boy
Angry Younger Boy

The last three are what Therapist C calls "Little Younger Boy".  The part of him who still exists and doesn't feel safe.  This little boy is about five years old.  There is also "Most Mature Younger Boy" or his present day self.

She thinks Little Younger Boy is the person who gets sent to school.  The answers he has in school and the way he is unable to remember anything that goes on is similar to the how a five year-old would be able to function in a seventh grade setting.

She also had him make a list of the things that Little Younger Boy missed.  He listed a lot of things...coloring, singing, being read to, riding his bike, visiting cousins, having birthday parties, and playing outside.  He said he also missed out on love and caring.  She then had him list whether or not he could or has done these things as his "Most Mature Self" since he is still a kid.  He said yes.  She asked his most mature brain to talk to Little Younger Boy and tell him that he is still able to do the fun things he thinks he missed, but he can't go to school.

He told Therapist C he is going to work on taking "Most Mature Younger Boy" to school every day for the rest of the week.

Praises for amazing insight.  It is hard to hear and even harder to figure out how to help him through it.

Prayers for healing Little Younger Boy.
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