I was able to get ready for the fall retreat in 10 minutes...without the list.

Middle Boy...egad.  He certainly was not focusing on getting himself ready for the retreat.

He had the list.  Every time he would say he was ready I would say "Do you have your <insert something from list>?"  Nope...had to go back upstairs for that.  After three more sessions of this I finally told him to take the list with him and DOUBLE CHECK.

He came downstairs and proclaimed himself completely packed and ready to go.  He didn't have a pillow so he made the claim he wouldn't need one for the weekend...whatever.

He had to take a dinner with him on the bus.  I asked what he wanted to take.  Food from a convenience store.  Again...whatever...I don't have to eat it.

Finally with FOUR MINUTES TO SPARE we arrived at the church.

Prayers for a safe weekend for the 100+ high schoolers and leaders at the retreat.
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