I talked with my foster care agency today.

The license thing is a big mess and the state is refusing to meet with me, because they have "made their decision".

I have until November 19th to relinquish the license or they will revoke it. 

I have gotten the advice of two attorneys and both are suggesting I should sue the state for my license, because the statute they are citing doesn't apply.

Here's the I sue the state.  All I really have then is the license and likely retribution from the department.  It is a really well known fact in our state that if you speak out about the foster care system there will be retribution so the likelihood I wouldn't have kids pulled in the future would be low.  I don't need the scrutiny.

We haven't gotten Middle Boy's case file officially sealed.  We have to do it this spring.  At that time the state "could" reinstate my license.  To have it reinstated I would have to take the 13 week class again.  I doubt I will.

So...I believe I am going to relinquish my foster care license.  At this time I do not intend to have it reinstated.  I don't want to be a part of a system who punishes people for providing permanency.

Now I will have the ability to advocate for both foster kids and foster parents freely without worrying about retribution.  Maybe this is what God's plan was all along.
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