Sophie ate an entire package of gum today and also a couple of Hershey miniatures.  The boys were in a panic.

I called the vet to see what we should do.   As it turns out the chocolate wasn't a big deal, but the gum was.  We needed to induce vomiting.

I called the boys and gave them the directions I was given from the animal hosptial.  They were to give Sophie between a teaspoon and tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

I told them to take her outside to do this.  I didn't give specific instructions about this so they took her on the front porch.  Not really what I had in mind. 

She vomited up all of the gum and contents of her stomach. 

She was MAD at the boys for making her sick.

She is doing much better now.  I think she is going to be fine.

Praises for a good vet and prayers that she will be fine.
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