Younger Boy DOES NOT like to be held accountable for things.  Not one bit.

He wrote his letter to Principal.  He really struggled with it, because he didn't want to admit he did anything wrong.  It is tough to write a letter of apology if you don't want to talk about the behavior that caused the need to apologize.

I had also asked him to write me an apology for not following rules at school and explaining why what he did was wrong.  I also asked him to include the reasons why he told Assistant Principal I said what he did was okay.

The letter I got really showed me how angry Younger Boy is.  In the letter he didn't apologize.  It started by saying "I am sorry I am a jackass."  I don't talk like that so it is obviously from the past.  It went on to talk about how he hates my home, hates his school, and hates his life.  It was signed "You should hate me forever, Younger Boy."

The letter breaks my heart.  There are so many things he still needs to work through.  I copied his therapist on the letter just so he would see what there is under the "sweet candy shell".

Prayers for healing for Younger Boy.  He absolutely has a LONG way to go.
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