Younger Boy's school counselor talked to him about having a "level payment plan" for homework.  He agreed to it and they made a contract.  He is going to do homework for 45 minutes per day five days a week.  If he doesn't have homework he is going to either read or work ahead on projects that aren't due for a while.

I am committed to this, too.  We are home every evening for AT LEAST 45 minutes during his normal waking hours.  It might not be how he wants to spend those 45 minutes, but they are available to him.

He also committed to practicing his trumpet for 10 minutes per day with her.  I think this might actually be more of a stretch for him.  Last time I could convince him to do it he played a single note for ten straight minutes...over and over.  I think if this really starts happening we are going to look into the cost of one of those buffers you can put in the end of the trumpet to make it bearable to others.

Praises for suggestions and help from the school counselor.  When I tried to do this earlier it met with much resistance, because I am "just stupid".  When it is her idea it apparently seems doable.

Prayers for follow through...for both of us.
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